"When we started the company, we thought there was a need for a group of hardworking, hard hitting salesmen not just to write an  order, but also to go   out and do marketing, sales promotions, advertising and be of service to the customer. It hasn’t changed; it’s the same today."

   -- George B. Stumpp,

Integrity, hard work, maturity, knowledge, success that’s what it takes to be the best. 

G. B. Stumpp & Associates' mission statement is "to grow our manufacturers' market share." And it is this value system that G.B. Stumpp & Associates has held steadfast for over 56 years. The firm's ability to achieve -- and even exceed --  expectations is well documented. (See manufacturer's testimonials for details.) 

The commitment to manufacturers is genuine: When G.B. Stumpp & Associates represents a product line, the firm personifies the manufacturer at every level of sales contact, communicating product information, company policies, and general good will.

The organization has built its reputation on honest ambition, detailed service and vigorous promotion. But its continuing success hinges on the knowledge and respect that its representatives bring to the products that they handle. Take for instance, Jack Hughes, a five time member of the All-American trap team.

Jack epitomizes the firm's approach to marketing. He contends, "You have to have the knowledge of product to sell. The best way to gain a deep understanding is through personal use... taking it apart and putting it back together, and knowing all of its ins and outs. And once you have this knowledge, you can impart your confidence in the product to yours distributors. And if they feel comfortable, safe and confident in the product,  then the distributor wants to sell the product for you."

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