Leadership Award
presented by
The Sporting Goods

G.B. Stumpp Associates was founded in 1959 by George Stumpp. The company quickly grew to become one of the most successful independent marketing agencies of outdoor products in the East. Over the years, the firm has represented such diverse companies as Eagle Claw, Remington Firearms, Maglite Flashlights, Motorola Radios, Swarovski Optiks, Nosler Bullets and Lyman Reloading, among others. The company has succeeded due to hard work, honest ambition, and a reputation for sales expertise and customized service.

In 1997 George retired and the firm was bought by its employees. Today, all sales representatives have an equity interest in the company. This benefits you, the manufacturer, because the entire team pulls together as one to bring maximum sales to you. All employees -- and not just your representative -- have much to gain by ensuring your success. 

And with offices in 6 locations, the business covers an area from the eastern seaboard to Minnesota, with sales access to 36% of those who hunt, almost 29% of those who fish and over one-third of the total United States population. See Territory to contact the representative nearest you.